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We are experts at Digital Marketing and our goal is to drive visitors to your business and convert into clients. By making your business stand out and get noticed, your brand becomes recognised and this increases trust in visitors to buy your products and services.

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Web Design and Digital Marketers based in Cape Town

Having someone build you a website used to be a great way to get online business, but not anymore! You need a company that not only builds sites, but are designed and crafted to convert visitors to customers.

That’s where we come in. You see we understand how visitors to your site work, what they are looking for and what they will (and will not) do when they arrive. And what’s more we have made this affordable and very easy for you to get started.

We help businesses in Cape Town increase their client base and their online sale funnels by 36% within 3 months, using proven Digital Marketing strategies!

We have found that many “web designers” these days do not have the first idea about online marketing. Yes, they can create a website but they cannot create a website that converts. That’s like having a shop in the mall with the closed sign up on the door!

Working with you we help you to profile your customer. After all, if you have not profiled your customer, how can you have a website that is not aimed specifically at them – giving them the answers to their solutions, easing the problems and taking them through a sales process.

Our Digital Marketing services allows you to either be trained so you can do this yourself, allow us to do the work or even a combination of the two. Whatever is best for your business, we can help you succeed where others may have let you down!

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Here’s what some of our customers had to say about our services:

Wow Awesome site and work – We have been working with these guys for over 5 years and they always deliver exactly what we need and what we request!

Paul Augustin, Passive Fire Solutions

Cannot recommend these guys enough and they just keep delivering. I rely on my online marketing and website for new clients and business….if you want the same then best you call them.

Andrew Wilson, Horsham Bootcamps

We have been working with DMH for over a year now and seen a 68% increase in sales through the website. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference.

Charmaine Howard, Spiritual Vitality Academy

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