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…and turn them into Clients!

It amazes me how people get upset when someone unsubscribes to their mailing list. They seem to have this feeling of dread and asking ‘what did I do wrong?’ mode which puts them back.

The truth is I LOVE people who unsubscribe and the reason is simply this. If you imagine that for every email you send out you are in fact paying $1 then with a list of 5,000 contacts each notification you send is costing you $5000. If you can get this mindset into your head when sending emails and updates, then you will start to become a little more careful about what you send, when and why.

So what do you do when someone unsubscribes!

First thing is not to take it personally! When someone unsubscribes it can be for a couple of reasons. Maybe they are simply not interested in your services anymore. Maybe they have found someone else to use rather than you or simply they are interested in your services but not ready to buy right now.

There is one easy way you can get subscribers to come back or to purchase from you within days of subscribing, by creating a simple call to action advert on Facebook.

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Create a custom audience and call it “unsubscribes” and then add in the emails of those that unsubscribe to this custom audience.

Run an advert with a great call to action to entice the unsubscriber back to you for a discount on services or sales, but NOT to re-subscribe to a list (after all they have just unsubscribe!).

Now make sure that this advert is run for no more than 14 days! If the subscriber has not purchased or contacted you within that time, then they are not your customer, simple as that!

You can automate this process using Zapier which picks up the unsubscribes and places them straight into any customer audience you like.

Need more help with your Email Marketing Lists? Let me know and happy to help and advise!