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This is one little Facebook utility that is not being used to its fullest by businesses and honestly it’s one that I love the most – mainly because its free, easy and I just love being seen.

Facebook live is Facebook’s free live video service and whilst many people are starting to use this on their personal timelines, did you know that you can now create a FB live on a group and on a business page?

Why do this? Well let’s look at FB live for a second. First when you go live people can interact with you live during the feed, what’s more once you have finished, people can still interact with you! What’s more people actually search on facebook to watch live feeds. You can also see who’s watched the stream and use this information to promote more Live streams or promote your services.

5 ways your business can benefit from using Facebook Live to increase your brand. Click To Tweet

Heres 5 Ways you can Use Facebook Live.

1 – Run a user group or support group for your clients and use Live to run a 10mins Q&A session each week. This increases retention, increases client trust and in turn will increase your sales.

2 – As you can create a topic for each live feed you do, try different topic headlines to see which grabs the users more and then use this headline in your Facebook adverts.

3 – If you have a hospitality functions such as a live bands, quiz nights, then use live to promote this to your followers. One radio show does this just to announce what’s on the show each week and increased their listeners by 200% from day one of using live!

4 – If you run a fitness group or dance academy for example, use live to show people what’s going on to get them interested. You do not have to do the whole event simply show the first 5 to 10 mins to wet their appetite.

5 – Demonstrations and training. Again use this as a taster and not for the whole event or use it to introduce your training that’s coming up to get people to come to your webinar later.

So if you are feeling a little shy, don’t! This is a great tool, not being used to its fullest and currently totally free.

Small hint – Twitter now does their own version of the Live as does Instagram!