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Push notifications use to be restricted to mobile apps and mobile device users, but thanks to the likes of, you can now use push notifications to a user’s desktop, mobile and tablet.

If you are not aware of push notifications, then the quick overview is that with a push notification, you can send any message you like about a promotion, update, news, etc straight to someone’s browser. This then stays visible until they either click on the notification (and be re-directed to a page on your site) or they click to say they have read that notification.

PushCrew offers a free service for the first 500 subscribers to your account so if a great way to start working with push notifications without having to spend any money!

To see it in action take a quick look at this video

There are a limitless number of ways that you could use push notifications, but here are just 5 to wet your appetite (as featured on the PushCrew Blog):

1 Announce new products or services.

Buyers would love to know when products on their wishlist are available for purchase. It might be the latest book from an author whose work they’ve bought earlier, or the newest collection from a fashion brand whose products they’ve been browsing for the last few weeks. To begin with, eCommerce websites can create segments among subscribers based on their previous purchases and on-site activity. The next step is to send targeted push notifications to these segments which direct the user to new and relevant products. It may also be useful to add in a discount with an expiry date to create an urgency factor in the user.

2 Announce a Sale.

These notifications work similar to the previous one, difference being that the urgency factor has to be driven in more strongly. Urgency can be created by setting up an expiry time for the sale or if only select products are part of the sale.

3 Deliver personalized offers & promotions based on user behaviour

Irrespective of the actual user behaviour that triggers this notification and the offer displayed, the purpose of these notifications is to analyze user activity in real-time and then send an instant offer which acts as a “digital nudge encouraging the user towards a purchase.

4 Recover abandoned carts

This is something most eCommerce websites are familiar with. A user arrives on the website, spends time browsing various products, adds a few items to the cart but doesn’t complete the purchase. In fact, 2 out of 3 carts are abandoned, according to a study done by the Baymard Institute.

5. Inform buyers of shipment and delivery

These are informational messages which help the buyer keep track of the products they’ve ordered and make for a smooth delivery experience.

Regardless of how you decide to use push notifications, they are a great way to get instant messages right in front of your customers with just a simple click – Let us know how you would use Push Notifications for your business.

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