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How to get your blog posts ranked without costing you a fortune!

Let’s get one question cleared up before we start – the reason you need to blog is not that it’s a nice to have, but increases your status as a business that provides information and qualifies you as an industry leader whilst giving you plenty of SEO juice to increase your sites rankings.

Blogging does take time, but as soon as you start to seeing traffic to your website, and the traffic converting to visitors, is it not worth the effort to put in a couple of hours each week?

Below are my top 6 tools that every successful blog needs to look great and helps with your blog post rankings, without costing you a fortune in SEO of PPC adverts.

Ok going to hit this one off straight from the start. Pingler does what it says and pings your website posts to Google and other Search engines which increases you posts rankings. It also helps drives visitors to your site and without it you may as well not bother with blogging at all.

You can manually do each post for free but this is time consuming and they have packages from $2 per month were they will ping your blog posts every 3 days (more frequent for the higher packages). Get the WordPress plugin and pingler will automatically grab your new post and start the pings the moment you publish the post.



If you are looking for a way to create really great looking blog post featured images (see the one above created on canva) then this is the site for you. It’s a free site to use and only pay for any photos you use from their premium stock images (about $1 each). You can upload your own photos if you prefer and what’s also great is that its not just for blogging.

In fact you can create every kind of image for any platform you like including facebook posts, twitter headers, youtube covers and more. So if you need a professional eye catching image then checkout canva today.


Better Click to Tweet

This free WordPress plugin allows your readers to easily share your content fro your blog to twitter – simple as that. It allows you to add in your blog post address and once the user clicks to add it to their twitter, it creates a nice back link from twitter to your website – again another great traffic generator.

Because its a WordPress plugin, it easy to implement and insert the click to tweet directly from the blog posts dashboard.

Try it out and click on the example below to see it working.

6 tools for successful blogging which includes this awesome free little twitter plugin. #digitalmarketing #twitterexperience Click To Tweet


Squirrly SEO

Many WordPress people will say that Yoast is the top SEO plugin, but I honestly can say they Squirrly beats it hands down. You can use it for a free with limited features, but its designed for the website user, the blogger and those looking to push their business on social media

Apart from being really easy to use, the best part of this is the Squirrly SEO Snippet. This shows you how your page will look when ranked in Google and allows you to amend the content too. It also allows you to layout the Facebook and Twitter content and Image cards for your post so that it looks very professional and not messed up in anyway.

The RSS feed section it creates for your website is also simply brilliant and one tool you need in you digital toolbox.



This is a royalty free online photo site. Use photos to enhance your site and your blogs. Because the photos are uploaded by amature and professional photographers alike, you wont get the normal “stock” feel to the images.

I would love to say that this was a site that I discovered, but was actually recommended to this site a view years back by one of our customer.



This is a lifesafer of a tool. Again a free WordPress plugin allows you to setup 15 different social media platforms (including Reddit, LinkedIN, Twitter and so on) and once you have published your blog post, you can then with the click of a button instantly share out to all 15 platforms.

This save a lot of time and the free version is packed with great features. Take it to the next level for less than £5 per month with the ability to schedule your posts and access to even more social platforms.

This is the pingler for social media and will certainly get you noticed, ranked higher and gives you a lot of backlinks to your website.


What’s your favorite blogging tool or website?