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As Facebook start to soar ahead of the competition, many businesses are struggling with some of the key concepts when it comes to engaging with their Fan base.

With any project that you would like to improve, it is important to set goals. Some important goals to keep in mind for Facebook:

  • To connect with potential and existing customers
  • Build brand recognition
  • Convert people into customers

1. Plan Posts Ahead
It is a good idea to plan your Facebook posts. You can do this weekly, monthly, or even yearly. The more you write ahead of time, the less time you will have to dedicate to Facebook on a regular basis. You will only have to dedicate 10-15 minutes a day to interact with people who have commented on your posts, as well as interact with other pages and businesses.

Facebook actually has a feature where you can pre-schedule posts weekly or monthly. Then you can just focus your time on daily interaction with fans and other pages. You can find this feature beneath where you enter updates, it’s the little clock icon.

Avoid using other programs like Hootsuite as they have actually decreased the Facebook algorithms’ interest in your content.

2. Consistency of Posts
Most pages don’t post every day, and you don’t have to either. Facebook does not need to have as many posts as platforms such as Twitter. In fact, it’s better if you don’t post more than 21 times per week.

New businesses can get away with up to 6 posts per day, but if fans see your posts multiple times a day they are likely to keep scrolling or even unlike your page. It is better to keep it to 1 – 2 really good posts a day. You want your fans to be excited every time you post, not tired or annoyed.

Facebook is about quality not quantity.

3. Length of Posts
A good gage of post length is 1 to 4 sentences long. People won’t read them if they are too long, which also means they won’t engage with the post. If your post is too short, you could be giving up an opportunity to fully connect and share with your fans.

4. What to Share
Share content that not only reflects your business, but something that you might tell a friend about in real life. Showing respect to your fans is essential — they are smart people, give them something engaging to read.

5. How to be Relevant
Relevant content should be a good amount of the content that you post. This means that it is related to your product, service, or industry. If your fans are interested in you, then relevant content is something that they will likely also be interested based on the fact that they have liked your page.

If you’re in technology, don’t post about jewellery (unless it somehow relates to technology). You can include a wide variety of content on your page, but it does have to tie somehow to your page and business. People don’t want to be bombarded with random information.

6. Holiday Posts
This doesn’t only mean to have posts related to holidays and celebrations, it means to celebrate in general! Take a break from the office for a second, include content that isn’t business related and relates to your fans on a personal level.

Be friendly! Ask them questions, wish them happy holidays. There needs to be some relief from business!

7. Videos, Blog posts, Articles, and Pictures
Make sure you introduce your posts if you are sharing media. If you simply share an article, how will people know that they have to read it because it is extremely interesting and relevant?

For every video, blog post, article or picture include a 2 – 4 sentence introduction. Tell them why you personally have decided to share this specific thing, why they might be interested in it, and what they will get out of following the link or reading the article. You could even ask a question to engage your readers.

Always include a caption for a picture, or you could ask your fans what the caption should be.

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