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Digital Marketing is my passion and I enjoy working closely and sharing my experiences and knowledge to those who ask. If you would like to connect with me then please take a look at my personal LinkedIN profile and I will be happy connect and Network.

Increase customer conversion with this simple App

How to convert visitors into clients without spending any more than 60 seconds of your time! There are some systems and apps that just simply blow you away and Bonjoro is just one of these. In a nutshell, it allows you to send (direct from your IOS or Android) a video message to any of [...]

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6 Must have Tools for successful Blogging

How to get your blog posts ranked without costing you a fortune! Let's get one question cleared up before we start - the reason you need to blog is not that it's a nice to have, but increases your status as a business that provides information and qualifies you as an industry leader whilst giving [...]

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How to easily add your logo on Facebook Live

First things first: Make sure you have your desired logo/ graphic in a transparent PNG file. Go to the Facebook Frames Studio and start creating your own frame. Drag and drop the PNG file and place it in the desired position based on the preview screens on the right. Adjust the size so it doesn’t hide important [...]

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5 Uses for Facebook Live to increase your brand!

This is one little Facebook utility that is not being used to its fullest by businesses and honestly it's one that I love the most - mainly because its free, easy and I just love being seen.Facebook live is Facebook's free live video service and whilst many people are starting to use this on their [...]

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How to do Facebook Retargeting!

How to do Facebook Retargeting! What is Facebook Retargeting? Retargeting is a highly effective marketing tool that targets your ads on Facebook to people who have already expressed interest in your site. It allows you to focus on the people who are in-market and remind them how great your product is or why going with [...]

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