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Never has there been an easy way to market on Facebook and we have made even quicker for you business!

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Facebook Marketing Experts from Cape Town.

One of the quickest and easiest Facebook marketing solutions does not have to cost the earth and is easy to produce.

We create eye catching Facebook adverts and post these out to 50+ local groups and business sectors who are looking for your products and services. Our API will then post these ads three times a week (to avoid Facebook’s regulations on over posting) between Monday and Friday.

We even identify the local groups to you on your behalf so you do not need to worry about finding these either!

How to grow your Facebook leads and sales, without lifting a finger!

So what you get in a Nutshell

By postingout to as many local business groups and affiliated groups on facebook, your products and services get straight to those people who are looking for you. Facebook has now become a marketing place and is more than a social platform. Once you try this you will not want to do any other form of advertising!

Facebook Marketing

  • Eye catching designed flyer specific to Facebook ad sizes
  • 50+ Local groups identified for your market demographic
  • Posting 3+ times a week to keep you being noticed
  • Monthly reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I not do these myself?
A: Of course, but we have found so many people have made mistakes that has actually cost them time, money and potential customers. It’s better to get it right first time as you do not get a second chance to make a first impression. Also the time factor involved could mean you spend hours each day doing this – would you rather be working on building you business instead?

Q: Can I use the flyers for other purposes?
A: The flyers are designed for Facebook marketing ad sizes and will be too small in resolution for printing. However if you really like the design we can get these to print quality if you require for an additional R200

Q: Why do you create these flyers?
A: We have found that this is the best way to get noticed. You want your business to stand out as soon as someone looks through the groups and these flyers certainly do that for you.

Q: Why is it 50+ groups?
A: We can do more but we are restricted by the admins of these groups. We have found that on average half of the group admins are not monitoring their accounts and can take days and weeks to give you access. For this reason we will post out to at least 50 groups to start and then as the admins bring these on your posts will automatically be added to them.

Q: What is the contract time for this service?
A: Minimum of one month. So if you want to try it out by all means. You can even do it one month and come back a few months later, but we have found that the more you do this the better the results.

Q: Whose account is this shown as posted from?
A: We post from your account so we will setup the API to your login details.

Q: I’m already members of some groups. Can you post to these as well?
A: Yes we can. You simply advise us which groups you are already a member of to be included in the marketing plan.