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How Facebook’s new Groups Policy will affect your Business

Last week, Facebook closed down a group for infringing their Policies. Although at this stage no-one (including those that ran the group) are actually sure what infringements they have done, this has seen a rise in how Facebook is managing and changing the groups, and this will have an effect on your business if you use or plan to use Facebook for advertising or if you have a business page on Facebook.

As Facebook continues to close down groups for what seems like no reason or even have a reason, you may be asking how groups can affect your business if you have a page or you’re advertising.

Let’s take the latest example of the group being taken down & how it affects you!

The group itself was a Health and Fitness group that promoted healthy living and eating amongst its members. As you can tell so far no real reason for closing this group, however, the result was this group had over 1.6 Million members to it all of which are boycotting or leaving Facebook due to its actions.

1.6 million people left Facebook due to one group being closed. Case of Facebook cutting off its nose to spite its face? Click To Tweet

So this means you now have 1.6 million people less to advertise to and if you are looking to promote to those in the Health and fitness arena, then again you are 1.6 million people less to engage with (thank you Facebook).

Of course, the counter-argument is that there are over 2 Billion people on Facebook so surely this is not an issue?

Well, if you factor in this is not the first group of this size and influence that has been closed down (estimated nearly 10 million people left in the last 4 months) and last year saw an increase in 40% new group members alone, this could have a big game changer unless Facebook starts to be clear cut on what they are doing.

Alternative sites such as have started to see a huge increase in new members and activities namely because they do not employ the same stringent policies as Facebook, and as more and more of these alternative social media platforms come on board, there is a good chance that there will be some big changes within online marketing when it comes to your business.