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Now I’m going to be honest right up front here. When I first started looking at Twitter, I really was not that interested. After all it was yet another social media platform for me to manage daily and did I really have the time?

Trouble is a lot of my clients wanted to know more about Twitter and (like everything I do), I wanted to work with it, pull it apart and see how I can make this work for myself and my clients.

This meant a very steep learning curve (nothing new there then), but with the prospect of getting back to Twitter, I revisited a platform I had not touched in nearly 3 years.

I decided that to get the most from this new experience I was going to start again. I created a new account for myself along with a profile which included a nice call to action within it.

I then followed a few celebs (as you do) and some other interesting profiles and continued to tweet at least once a day.

This was in July and after 4 months decided to take a look at my twitter analytics.

As you can see, in 4 months no real return in my hard work. In fact 125 followers is very low and if Im being honest was on the verge of giving up.

So a quick strategy re-think, some changes to the profile (coupled with some in-depth discussions), I decided to carry on till the end of the year.

Now let’s take a look at Decembers stats….

What a difference in just 8 weeks! My Impressions are up from just over 2,000 to over 9,000 (in November I actually topped over 10k on the impressions).

Mentions are up but look at my followers from 125 to 1,425 followers. And not just any followers, but these are people who are interested in my services.

More importantly, these are NOT purchased followers, but genuine people who have expressed an interest in my profile.


“Do not sell on social media, but instead sell through social media.”

So what changed?

First thing was to re-examine my strategy – in this case I re-visited and followed the basic formula:

Grow – Engage – Share

First I identified the top 25 key players in my marketing sector. Finding their Twitter profiles and seeing how many followers they had. Anyone with less than 3000 followers was no good to me. In fact I started to look at profiles with over 10k followers – I wont lie this took a few hours to do, but is totally worth the time and effort.

The key though was to grow my audience, but not by following the 25 key players (although I do follow some just so that I can get some great information from their tweets). Instead I followed the people who are following the key players.

These followers have already expressed an interest in these key players services so many will be interested in that I was also in the same field of interest.

Engagement is fundamental on Twitter. It’s not just about adding new updates to your feed but also engaging with your audience. Posting relevant content, post topical content, sharing other user posts (retweeting) and responding to Direct Messages.

One of the biggest mistakes on any social media platform is that people still think they should be selling to their followers – no! As I keep telling my clients you do not sell on social media, but instead sell through social media. In short sharing you experiences, explaining how you have helped clients, advising followers who have issues which you can help with, all form part of selling through the social platforms.

So what is the end result?

The end result was simply nothing short of amazing.

As my followers increased (around about the 500 mark), I started to get a lot more direct messages from people asking me questions and asking advice on my area of expertise.

By engaging as I did (and remember I did not once sell to these people), I started to find the followers naturally started to enquire about my services and costings. This in turn started to turn into enquiries and from there in to sales.

It’s very much a hand holding procedure. Your followers need to gain your trust before they will commit to being your client.

Click here if you would like me to send you my Twitter Followers Cheat Sheets.

In conclusion.

So have I changed my original opinion on Twitter? I think for now, with the formula that I’m working with, that Twitter still has a lot more to offer. It is very much an untapped social resource by a lot of the SME’s….which is strange if you consider the large organisations that are heavily using Twitter, more so than Facebook.

The fact that I’m getting more enquiries through Twitter than Facebook at the moment really says it all as well.

The last few weeks I have been working on the Twitter advertising and Twitter Cards – these also have started to yield great results in a small space of time – more on that in my next article though!

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