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Chances are if you have created a fabulous Facebook page you are waiting anxiously for fans to start Liking your page.

Maybe you have a new fan page and are wondering how to bring in more genuine fans that are interested in your business, or perhaps you have had a fan page for some time but have not had much success with fans.

Getting fans is really important if you want to market your website/business/product successfully on Facebook.

You should also try to make these fans as targeted as possible to gain the maximum benefit from them for bigger profits.

This simple how to guide will show you exactly how to get fans and keep them!

Follow the instructions and tips below and I am sure you will well away to build a huge Facebook following for your business and skyrocket your profits.

Invite Friends

The first step to gaining Facebook fans is to target the friends you already have.

Every Facebook fan page is linked to a personal Facebook profile account, which most likely has at least a few friends. When you click the “Invite Friends” link on the right side of your Facebook fan page for your business a list will appear with all of your personal Facebook friends.

You can filter your friends if you wish to invite specific friends (i.e. if you want to invite business associates but want to leave out old childhood friends). You can even filter down to specific locations is required. My advice…..if they know you, invite them!

Additional Ways to Gain Fans

  • Include a link to your Facebook fan page in your email and forum signatures.
  • Announce the launch of your new Facebook fan page on your blog and website.
  • Make it known that exclusive news, updates or discounts will be shared on the fan page.
  • Add a Facebook fan page badge to your blog.
  • Tweet your fan page URL.
  • Bookmark your fan page using multiple social bookmarking sites.

Communicating with Your Fans

In order to keep fans you must interact with them! Post questions that will start a discussion among fans. Comment and “like” responses on your fan page frequently.

Your new fans will want information about your business. Used appropriately, Facebook is an incredible platform for your business.


  • Keep in mind if you send a friend request to any of your fans, the request will be sent from the personal account that your fan page was created with.
  • Unless you want your fans as friends on your personal account it is best to keep communication on your fan page.
  • Liking the pages of your fans businesses is a way to help you network even more.
  • Share links and helpful tips with your fans.
  • Do not try to sell to your fan. Instead become an expert in your field
  • Like other pages and posts as your business page
  • Reply to posts as your business page
  • Run a Like campaign to get more fans to your page
  • Announce your new page on LinkedIN


Remember, getting genuine targeted fans takes time. Gaining new Facebook fans should be a continuous effort!

Keep on following the methods for getting targeted fans/likes and you will build up a huge targeted following that could be worth a lot of money to you.

Treat your fans like you would treat your real life friends and business partners – with respect and thought.

This could mean the difference between making profits with facebook or not.

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