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How to convert visitors into clients without spending any more than 60 seconds of your time!

There are some systems and apps that just simply blow you away and Bonjoro is just one of these. In a nutshell, it allows you to send (direct from your IOS or Android) a video message to any of your clients that have interacted on your website or marketing.

And by getting a personal message from you direct to their inbox, increases trust and (according to Bonjoro) can increase client conversation upto 25%, although I have been testing this for the last 4 months and seen a conversion rate closer to 90% and also quicker closure rates too.

I found my customers and potential clients loved it and even get comments such as “Wow thank you so much for the personal video”. The great thing is that it literally take about 60 seconds to make the quick video and send it and in one afternoon sent nearly 45 video responses within the hour.

But is this App really for you?

If you are video shy then simply just get over it – Trust me I have a face for radio, but just love this app too much to care. Whats more my conversions have been that good why should I even worry about it?

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Lets look at some examples.

Ecommerce Shop – you can easily contact someone who has just made a purchase and thank them, and even offer a special deal just for them. If you get abandon carts then you can message the person and ask if you can help in anyway.

Services – Maintain excellent client care by send out messages asking if they have any questions over a proposal or need help setting up solution.

Restaurants – thank clients for booking online and sending them confirmation of the booking

Fitness – Send messages of congratulations to clients who achieve results or simply to catch up with the person who enquired with the class you are running.

Training – Send welcome messages to your users and thank them from coming on the course. When they complete the course you can congratulate them and then use this to upsell further.

Support – Follow up on tickets or enquiries or just let your client know you are currently looking into their problem.

….and the list really goes on.

This may sound simple, but you are building trust and a relationship with existing clients and helping to convert potential clients.

Let me ask you this – if you and a competitor sent out a proposal to a prospect and you followed up with a video email, which of the two will the client remember and most likely go for?

So whats the cost?

There is a 14 day FREE trial and to get the full power and integrate this with your CRM then you are looking at $25pm. The way to look at this is if this app converts just one client per month, then it pays for itself.

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Want to see it in action? Contact me and I will send you a personal message today!