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How to engage your social Fans without spending more than 10 mins a day (and see an instant increase).

Some digital tools are a must for any toolkit and no more than Crowdfire. This app can save you heaps of social media posting times, increase your interactions and followers as well as increasing your brand to the masses.

Like all tools, I like to research and use them initially before recommending them to any of my clients. The reason behind this is so that I can support and give advice on them as I continue to find the best way out of each tool!

So what is it?

Crowdfire is a solution that allows you to easily share like minded content and posts to your social media from a wide range of sources. So rather than trying to figure out what you should be posting each week, this little app does it for you – takes away the hassle and pain of what and how to share.

It also has a nice feature where it will share the posts at the best time for your market audience.

Crowdfire increases social engagement, growth and social brand. This handy app is a must for any digital marketing tool kit. Click To Tweet

How does it work?

Once you have registered you are asked to pick topics or categories you are interested in or that relate to your business sectors. Go through and find as many as you can (you an always add more later).

Next link your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

Finally, from your dashboard click on the share link next to each post you want to share to your fans,

Top Tip – register on your desktop using the social signup, setup your account, set your categories and link your accounts. Once you have done this download the app and login via the same social login you used for registering.

How does it help you?

By engaging with your fans and those who are looking for similar topic interests you are increasing your brand awareness, becoming a marketing influence and growing you reputation. Selling on social media is a big NO but many still do this – good, quality content is what people are looking for and Crowdfire gives you that in a handy tool direct from your mobile.


In the short time I have been using Crowdfire, I have seen a significant increase in social awareness around my brand.

Twitter – 22% increase in likes, followers, engagement and re-posts

Facebook – 30% increase in followers and shares on posts (one post hit 22 shares)

LinkedIN – 40% increase in followers, shares, profile searches

The LinkedIN one really took me surprise as I have posted for many years, but Crowdfire has taken this to a new level!

The app has a free level and is limited to the features, but to get you started and to see how it will help your social brand, a very good way to get going. The next level cost is around $9.99pm and this is the level I use. The important aspect on this is the time as well – I spend no more than 5 mins each day sharing the content out.

UPDATE : As I have been writing this post I have had 25 new LinkedIN requests come through!