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LinkedIn is one of the best online Business to Business networking sites, but setting up your profile wrong or with key information missing, will lead to missed opportunities from this awesome site.

With that in mind, below is the perfect profile template you can use to get started to ensure your LinkedIN success.

Your professional headline

This is normally the first hurdle people fall down on when creating their profile. Most will put down their title such as “Head of Marketing” or “Director of Blue Widgets”, but when you take into account that this is the field that keywords are taken from on LinkedIN when users do searches, then generic titles like this does not work. Instead think of you professional categories and add these in instead which people would use to search for i.e

As you can see I have separated each of mine with a Unicode Star to make it stand out.

If you would like a FREE Swipe file of Unicodes to use then please Click here

Note – these Unicodes can also be used in subject fields for emails as well as Blog post titles!

Contact Information

This is normally omitted from many profiles, but is a great way to allow users to find your contact information and contact you.

The one section on this to really complete is the one called website. You can add up to three website links. Rather than use website address in the dropdown, use Other as this allows you to put in a website address and also choose how the link is to be named. This is great if you want to have call to actions right within your contact information.

Your Summary

Your summary cannot be too long nor to wordy. My advice is to write it out in Word initially and then copy and paste it into your summary.

The ideal summary should be broken down into 5 segmants:

  1. Background – a small introduction about yourself
  2. Who you work with
  3. Ideal Introductions
  4. Your Services
  5. Top Selling signals

As LinkedIN does not allow for html coding in the summary I suggest for each of the sections to have them in CAPS so that they standout. For any list information use bullet points where you can to make it easier to read

If you get stuck please take a look at my LinkedIN Profile and use this as a base!

Certifications and Courses

If you have completed any courses or certifications that highlight you as an expert in your field, then I find it’s best to complete these and move them above your summary. Almost like a works CV, your giving readers a quick overview of what you have completed.

Complete the above and make sure you add in a professional looking photo (the image of you on the beach really wont be good enough).

Let me know how you get on and please feel free to link with me on LinkedIN and I will be more than happy to introduce your to any of my contacts.

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