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Testimonials are a great way for visitors to gain trust on your website. After all these are in direct referrals for visitors and basically saying “hey, look at the great things these guys did for us!”

There are a number of ways you can show testimonials on your site but one of the best has to be the work we did for a client which is the ultimate way to not only show a testimonial but to showcase your clients.

What’s so great about this, is that it’s more than a testimonial, it’s starting to become a case study which gives the reader more information about the types of clients you do work for.

More importantly than this, is that you can then create different showcases for different industries /categories. So when a potential new client is enquiring about your work, you can point them to a dedicated page that already shows them what you can do in their field.

Take a look at one example here!

As you can see we have kept it nice and easy by having each client showcase as a blog post (we simply created a new category called ‘Showcases’).

As you grow your showcases, your increasing more pages and content to your website and guess what? Google LOVES content!

So for example:

  • A builder may have categories for different types of work such as loft conversions, patios, extensions and so on.
  • Fitness Instructor may concentrate on different styles of workouts such as Yoga or maybe workouts for different results such as weight loss, weight gain, marathon training and so on.
  • Accountants might consider their different services such as bookkeeping, tax returns, business startups.

The trick is to split our your core offerings and to look at the different results your clients need / want from you. This is not restricted to the examples above, and can work for any industry!

To summarise

  1. Create a blog on your site and have a category section dedicated to your showcases
  2. Have as many different industry/category examples that you can to.
  3. The more you do the more Google will love your site
  4. Keep it short and simple.
  5. Remember each one you do can be used to show potential new clients in those categories

For more information and to see how to layout the perfect Blog Testimonial Template, download our FREE template guide here.

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