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As a business owner (no matter the size of the business) it is important to be able to respond and use applications when on the move, quickly and easily.

The following are my personal favourite top 20 mobile apps that all business owners should have.

1 Evernote
This is the app for syncing notes across mobile and desktop devices. Evernote’s free version lets users upload up to 60 megabytes of data per month. The great thing is the Evernote widget which can be used on Google Chrome. You can quickly upload screenshots, webpages and even PDFs into folders for viewing later – this is a must for every business owner.

2 Paypal
This convenient platform lets you link your credit, debit and other bank accounts to your PayPal account, making paying people and getting paid quick and painless. The company reacted to the emergence of Square — more on that app below — by creating an app that lets businesses attach PayPal’s card reader to a tablet or other device and use it as a portable register.

3 Twitter
Twitter was not one of my favourite social platforms until about 6 months ago when I actually started to use it. I found I was getting more business enquiries through this then all of the other platforms combined and the app is super easy too.

I found best for tweeting photos whilst out on the road and at conferences, whilst replying to direct messages was also simple to use. Now Im never without it.

4 Google Drive
Like similar services — Dropbox, Box and OneDrive, to name a few — Google Drive lets you store files and documents online, so they’re backed up and accessible from anywhere on any Android device with an Internet connection. As a bonus, Google Drive is integrated with QuickOffice; just sign in with your Google account credentials to get access to all documents stored in the cloud. Plus, every edit you make in QuickOffice is automatically backed up to Google Drive.

5 Facebook Pages Manager
Not to be confused with the Facebook app, Facebook Pages Manager allows you to manage and post to you business pages on Facebook.

Again great when you are on the move and want to post a very quick update to your clients and followers on your business page.

6 Freshbooks
If you have a service-oriented business that doesn’t need a high-powered accounting solution, FreshBooks is an easy-to-use option that offers a lot of functionality on the go. Track hours, log receipts, and send invoices from your smartphone or tablet.

Tools are highly visual and intuitive, and the service integrates with several others including Basecamp, PayPal, Google Apps, and ZenPayroll. Note that FreshBooks does not offer double-entry bookkeeping.

The base plan starts at $19.95 a month, and allows management of up to 25 clients. More fully featured versions allow unlimited clients for up to $39.95 a month.

7 Skype
Competitors have tried to knock Skype off its videoconferencing throne, but the app remains effective and popular, with more than 8 million reviews on Google Play. You can use it to transmit photos and files of any size, share your computer screen, call a group of up to 25 people and send text messages.

The basic version of Skype is free. If you want to upgrade, Skype for Business starts at $5 per user per month. It integrates with Microsoft Office and allows you to hold online video meetings and calls with up to 250 people. This app is free to download and works on all devices and operating systems.

8 Mailchimp
This email marketing tool helps you build and manage your mailing lists, and easily create and send newsletters. You can also build and customize email templates and view performance reports about your emails. This information can help you send your customers more relevant emails.

MailChimp’s pricing depends on the number of subscribers you have. It’s free to send up to 12,000 emails per month if you have up to 2,000 subscribers.

9 ColorNote
ColorNote combines sticky notes, to-do lists, calendars and reminders into one app, earning it a score of 93 from Applause. You can assign notes different colors to make them easier to view at a glance, similar to multicolored sticky notes you would put up around your office. You can create lists with direct links to websites, email accounts, addresses or phone numbers, allowing you to open the correct app for each one with one click. It’s an app with a lot of features, but it doesn’t feel bogged down with too many options. The app also allows you to set a password to access ColorNote, which adds another layer of security for business executives who need to protect sensitive data.

10 CamScanner
Technology is quickly reaching the point where nearly anything you can do on a notebook, you can also do on your smartphone – and creating a PDF is no exception. With CamScanner you can use the built in camera on your smartphone to create PDFs on the go just by snapping a quick photo. From there, you can even annotate or highlight the document, share with colleagues and collaborate, create a watermark to ensure it isn’t illegally copied and even create searchable text within the document.

11 Avast Mobile Security
Avast Mobile Security is the highest-rated security app, serving as a way to secure Wi-Fi communications with a VPN connection that hides your IP address. With this app you won’t leave a trace of your online activity and it will even allow you to watch restricted content in other countries. It’s an especially important app if you use public Wi-Fi often, whether it’s in a hotel, on a plane or at a local café. Avast eases any concerns about conducting sensitive business over a possible unsecured Wi-Fi network.

12 Fast Scanner
Unlike CamScanner, Fast Scanner is simply just that. If you are looking to scan a document on the go and email it, share or upload to your drop box or Google Drive, then this little baby is for you. Very fast, easy and gives fantastic images. I found that scanning in black and white gives a clear more professional finish.

13 Podcast Addict
Podcast Addict is a beautiful app because it piles an excellent free service on top of free service — that is, listening to awesome podcasts. Podcast Addict itself is a free download and it lets you search for, download and listen to podcasts (with its integrated audio player), as well as create playlists of the upcoming shows you want to tune in to.

What’s more, it houses a neat “trending” search feature so you can see what else is currently popular in the podcast world, providing a simple entry point for newcomers. While it’s not always the easiest to navigate, it does everything a good Podcast app should do and it does it well.

14 Waze Navigator
What I love about Waze is that it is more than a navigation system. Combining a social element to it which allows other users to interact with you, everyone is able to update traffic conditions, speed cameras and so on at a touch of a button. Consequently the app is the most up to date with traffic data there is.

However, even apps can have their off-day and when you get that dreaded message “You have reached your destination” only to fin your stuck in a field, it’s always good to have a backup which for me is….

15 Google Maps
Still going strong and reliable. I tend to use this in conjunction with Waze when going to meetings. Google Maps is getting better and more accurate with each new update. My advice is to use Waze for the initial journey and then switch to Google Maps if for some reason Waze gets it knickers in a twist.

One final plus point for Google Maps is that is works very well on the Android Smart Watches.

16 Dasher Messenger 
There are some obvious contenders for ‘Best messaging app’ on Android – WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to name a couple. To suggest something a little different, Dasher is often at the forefront of the messenger universe, introducing unusual features before any other app.

It lets you transfer money to contacts, and you can share and play YouTube videos and GIFs in the app itself, to name just a few of the features.

17 Wunderlist
Simply put, Wunderlist is a to-do list, but a highly effective one. You can create an endless number of task lists and share them with whomever you want. Lists sync automatically so that others can see which items have been completed.

Wunderlist has even launched a higher-powered business app that lets you delegate tasks to team members, break them down into subtasks, add notes, set deadlines, and program reminders. Basic Wunderlist is free, while Wunderlist for Business is $4.99 per user per month.

18 LinkedIN
The biggest online Business Network app is everything as good as the website. Ok so there are some functions not available, but if you are looking to connect or meet with new business contacts, use the app to connect with them in the fastest growing network.

Messaging, notifications and job searching is all part of the system and a very handy app for those big into their networking.

19 Adobe Photoshop Express
Adobe Photoshop Express is a nifty, barebones photo editing app. It features a gorgeous and intuitive UI, fine image-correction tools, and a solid choice of effect filters. It’s not the powerhouse tool that Photoshop for desktop is but, if you need to crop, straighten, or adjust images, then you’ll be happy with this free iOS or Android app.

20 Pocket
Have you ever come across a blog post or website you wanted to look at, only to get sidetracked by a more urgent business-related task?

This easy-to-use app allows you to save videos, articles, blog posts, and pretty much anything else you’ll find online so you can view it later.

And you don’t need an internet connection to view your saved items – all you have to do is open up the app, and it’ll be there waiting for you. That means no more missing out on the things you’re most interested in that can help you power your business forward. It’ll all be stored in your digital Pocket.

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