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How to increase your Facebook clients without needing to know your market audience

Lookalike audiences are a Facebook segmentation advert tool that helps you to find users whose demographics and interests are similar to those of your existing followers. These are easy to create and implement, making them an extremely powerful marketing tool for efficiently finding high-converting users.

As these users will already have an associated interest with your products and services, then the chances are a lot greater that they will follow your brand and convert to clients a lot quicker.

Why are lookalike audiences important?

Facebook lookalike audiences checks your existing followers and user base to find their similarities. Facebook leverages its customer data to draw connections between your target audience, helping you find highly-qualified users you previously wouldn’t have been able to reach. Most importantly, this informed targeting optimizes your media spend and lowers the cost of your adverts.

How to build a lookalike audience

Choose the group to build a lookalike audience from.
You can choose between page fans, visitors to your website, and customer lists. You’ll need at least 100 people in your customer group in order for Facebook to create a lookalike audience, but Facebook recommends including more than 100 people. A larger sample size with more data points provides the most accurate picture of your audience, which equates to more efficient spend.

Select audience size.
Larger audiences give you more reach but the matching will be less precise. This can be helpful if you’re looking to reach the most people with a broad sweep but are less concerned about how closely they share similarities with your current customers or fans. A smaller lookalike audience is more targeted. Your ad will be seen by fewer people, but they’ll also be more closely aligned to the characteristics of your current customers or fans.

Target specific demographics.
If you want to only reach Facebook users who resemble your current customers—and are also age 30 and older and live in London, for example—you can add those parameters using the drop-down menus of the Power Editor tool. In addition to age and geographic location, you can also add parameters that target a specific gender.

Create your ad.
Use the power editor in Facebook to input the text and image for your advertisement. Keep standard Facebook best practices in mind – use engaging language and eye-catching images to draw customers to your posts.

In short, Facebook look alike audiences will help you reach a new marketing group who already have a connection to your brand and is also more const effective than standard Facebook advertising.