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How to avoid twitter unfollows & grow your fans without doing these two annoying things

Twitter is a great resources and marketing tool if you are looking to grow your brand awareness, but so many people full into a trap with Twitter that initially looks like it should be driving and developing your fan base.

These are the automatic direct messages you get when you follow someone and tend to come in different forms, but in general the person will say a thank you for the follow and then try to offer a free service, download or opportunity to watch their latest webinar.

Now do not get me wrong – there is a time and place for this, but not in automatic direct messages, and after about the 100th direct message, it really starts to get annoying and you end up deleting the messages without reading them.

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So what’s the answer?

Engagement with your followers is important and by making it more personal rather than generic and actually thanking the person directly on their feed by sending them a tweet and then re-tweeting this grows more trust with your followers. You can even ask questions at the sametime and make it more specific to them.

This form of engagement may take more time than an automated message, but people will see that and appreciate that more, and are then more likely to stay following you going forward.

Take away True Twit.

The second application that will certainly prevent your follower growth is true-twit. The idea is that the system generates a link every time someone requests to follow you. The user then clicks on the link to confirm that they are indeed human and not a spam robot, and then allows you to follow this person.

In principle this is fine, but this week alone I have decided against following 20 people because of this feature and I’m not the only one! As much as the system is designed to stop spamming on your twitter account, you are asking people to take up their time to got through a process to follow you.

If you are managing your twitter account correctly then spam accounts will be picked up quickly anyway and you can remove these very quickly and easily!

Avoid your automated messages, Engage with your followers and be more human – it’s just common courtesy after all!